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RACI implementation, where to start?

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Over the last few years I have been contacted by many Directors, Senior Managers and assistants to a senior position in companies both locally and internationally . The key reasons for the contact is a request for key manager RACI training. The issues highlighted are infighting over who is accountable for what within the organisation.

I then ask a simple question, who in the organisation will be the ongoing RACI sponsor and own RACI implementation within the organisation. Surprisingly this stops a lot of people in their tracks as no one wants ownership.

Without top down sponsorship, (Director, Board, CEO etc) and a person within the organisation at a senior level owning the organisational RACI, RACI becomes just another spreadsheet in the pile.

RACI is a powerful tool when it comes to organisational role alignment or just simple task accountability at a project level, but without sponsorship at the right level and an internal owner of RACI within the organisation the true power of RACI can not be realised.

This video explains the simple key principles of RACI

Training material and downloads are available from the RACI website

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