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RACI Consulting is a Melbourne Australia based business with global reach, focused on Business improvement, efficiency and sustainable change.

The first button above takes you to a simple online questionnaire with 10 Yes or No questions, if you click yes 3 or more time RACI can assist your business.


The second button contains a simple Excel scorecard with 25 questions relating to the key business drivers in any business, simply choose the most accurate answer for your business and quickly pinpoint the areas of your business that require improvement. 


Best regards

Michael Carew  


I have been in business for over 40 years, the tools developed and available on this site are targeted at supporting business through change, providing insights and demonstrable solutions to businesses in a status of "stalled" or "stuck". RACI Consulting utilises a number of tools & experience gathered across the entities I have established or worked with over the last 40 years, these include;

  • ASX Freshtel Holdings Limited as founder & CEO specialising in advanced telephony systems.

  • Tesco Limited UK as partner in cloud based telephony systems for the UK and Europe market.

  • MyTVR cloud PVR media streaming solutions.

  • VIP Group trade services industry Plumbing and Electrical.

  • Technologies Integration Group specialising in product development from concept to patent, commercialisation and sale.

  • Middendorp Electric Co - Board Strategy and Business advisor including leading several major projects - Middys Quality, OHS and Environmental  systems implementation with National Accreditation.

  • Lead and Project Manager for Middys National ERP (Pronto) implementation requiring the establishment of new teams documentation, budgets and management processes and reporting. (ongoing as consultant. 

  • RACI Consulting  

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