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Michael Carew experience and chronology
Middendorp Electric Co. 2011-2021

My time at Middys was focused on imbedding the RACI matrix philosophy and spanned 9 years commencing in 2011 supporting the owners through organisational & business strategy and cultural change. My time included implementation of triple certification (WHS, Quality & Environment) which brought discipline and accountability, Several business acquisitions, and the "green field" implementation of a new national ERP platform including establishment of teams, processes, budgets and documentation. Middys are a great company and I enjoyed every minute of my engagement with the owners.        

myTVR Cloud based mobile TV recorder 2009

In developing myTVR I knew we were pushing the boundaries relating to untested "grey areas" of copyright laws and the use of personal video recorders (PVR) on mobile devices.

With an an amazing team of technology experts who could scrape national TV station guides, modify codec bandwidth to minimise impact without impacting quality and had the advanced knowhow to present all of this through a simple user interface with a streaming lag of only 1 second from real time play. Copyright laws had not caught up with the advancement in technology which resulted in a High court challenge ruling our patented advancement as illegal  requiring myTVR to cease operations.

Freshtel Limited 2003 - 2008

Freshtel was a market leading in VoIP telecommunications technology. I founded Freshtel in 2003 and listed on the ASX as Freshtel Limited in 2004 - interested in the concept of making a free call anywhere in the world. I managed to locate a team of young techies with similar interests. We were at the forefront (bleeding edge) in relation to VoIP knowhow and within 6 mths obtained over 350,000 users globally sparking investor interest and the interest of global UK giant Tesco. I retired from Freshtel in 2008 - 2000 largest online store of its time

I founded a home renovators portal supplying over 30,000 products by leveraging the buying power of one of my companies VIP Group which was a trade services business in Melbourne Victoria. Jeff Kennett ex premier of Victoria partnered with me during  the dot com boom of 2000 generating sales nationally utilising a 3rd party supplier model allowing business efficiency and access to over 400 outlets nationally. After the dot com bubble burst late in 2001 we wound the business down rejecting investor offers to further develop due to the shrinking online markets at the time.     

Rapid flash Superboot 1998 - current