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Converting Vision and Strategy to Action

There are as many right ways as wrong ways to approach and prepare for the journey that Vision, Strategy and objectives setting will take your organisation along.

Key must haves.

You need to have the right people in the team, "get the right people on the bus", such as business owners, after all it's their vision/future state you will need to navigate to. These are the people with the leadership skills and expertise to get you to the destination and sustain the business after you arrive. Note the people you start with might not be the same people you arrive with.

Undertake a SWOT analysis and review Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

This can be as simple as reviewing the current state of the business with your senior team utilising the RACI Business Health and Operational assessments to provide the strengths, weaknesses and threats and with your senior team work through the opportunities.

Write down your weaknesses and threats

  • Write down how you can use your Strengths and Opportunities to overcome your Weaknesses and Threats

Balance out your Strengths and Opportunities to counter your Weaknesses and Threats

  • You will have gaps - your objectives will be focused on capitalising on your Strengths and Opportunities to overcome your Weaknesses and Threats

  • Develop a simple visual of current state and Future State (Vision) and as below with your team set your long and short term objectives

  • Ensure when setting long term and short term goals they are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Driven "SMART" goals.

  • While its great looking at the big picture even long term goals and objectives consist of many shorter term activities.

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