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Business Health & targeting key areas for improvement

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

The managing director of a large private firm approach me, he explained there was a problem with his company that he just can't pinpoint. The customer base was not growing, staff turnover was high and margin was shrinking.

The RACI Business Health Assessment questionnaire comprising of 69 questions focused on 10 key business risk and value drivers similar to those used by some financial institutions when valuing a business.

RACI's Business Health Assessment quickly provides an analysis and solid base to understand where a business is performing poorly and assist in the development of a set of strategic objectives to lift longer term business health & profitability. The assessment provides a set of key performance indicator scores and quickly highlights where a shift from poor performing to performing could substantially increase business value and long term profitability.

Test the RACI Business Health on your business by downloading and completing the free assessment and let us know how your business scored. click here to download

To obtain an objective understanding of your businesses position have each department manager e.g. Operations, Finance, Marketing, procurement, Sales, and HR do the same and compare the results and discuss the differences as a team prior to developing a SWOT or set of short and long term strategic objectives.

My next post will feature transforming the assessment to develop a SWOT and 3/5 year set of key strategic objectives.

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