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RACI Analytic docs

RACI Business Health Assessmente
ACI Consulting Business Assessment tools are built around key business risk and value drivers similar to those used by financial institutions. They provide a solid base to increase the value of an organisation and its level of business health/profitability by providing a set of key performance indicators and Q&A to quickly highlight where a shift from poor performing to performing well can substantially increase business value and efficiency
RACI Consulting Operational Assessment tools are built around key business performance drivers. They provide a solid base to target and focus on improving operational deficiencies at all levels by providing a set of key performance indicators and Q&A
Strategic Objectives
Strategic objectives planning Template in Word doc
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Strategic Planning templates and walk through

Strategic planning explained PDF
Strategic planning model by Michael Carew taking you through the strategic planning process
Strategic Planning Workbook PowerPoint
Strategy template with examples you can use as the basis of your Strategic Planning
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RACI Templates (Excel)

RACI GM Template
RACI formatted Chart
Formatted RACI Chart blank
Credit manager
RACI Credit Manager Template
RACI Board Template
RACI CFO Template
RACI Chart plain
This RACI Chart is a plain layout
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RACI Train the Trainer

Undertaking this session will provide participants with a good understanding of the RACI methodology

Train the Trainer Manual PPT
Trainer manual and note for the RACI Webinar
Trainee Manual PPT
This workbook is the trainee workbook for the train the trainer webinar
RACI Template pk zip
RACI example Templates is zip file
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RACI Training Webinar

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RACI Board Template

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