Customise a RACI Template to help realise your Business’s Potential

Being productive often falls down to being organised and informed. When working in a team environment, ensuring everyone knows what it is they are responsible for when and the expectations of each project is paramount. Lack this structure and projects become costly, timely, and a business will  may fail to reach its true potential. Aimed at improving efficiency through organisation, the RACI template it is a great tool for many businesses in a number of industries.

Whether it is a team of 10 or a team of 500, 000, the RACI this template helps businesses to assess and decide on lead players in each project. The RACI Change Manager utilises the Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed method. Here is a quick explanation of each:

  • Responsible: Responsible is used for staff members whose job it is to get a particular task done.
  • Accountable: This is often confused with Responsible. While the Accountable person may does not perform a task themselves, it is their job to ensure it is done. Basically, they are the decision makers who allocate jobs tasks to others.
  • Consulted: Members of the team that need to be consulted prior to beginning or completing a task.
  • Informed: Individuals needing to be informed once a particular task has been completed.

Creating a template for your business

So how does it all work? The purpose of a RACI template is to make a list of all of the individual tasks that enable a project to be completed. For each task, the aim is to make your teams aware assign the members of your team a  of the role they play in each task,  role, whether it is “R”, “A”, “C” or “I”. It is important to note that there should always only be one “A” per task. After all, having too many “A” leader figures calling the shots can be hampering rather than productive. Similarly, it is important to evenly balance the other roles and achieve a well thought out chart, as having too many working on the one thing, or too many loops to jump through in terms of consulting and approval will draw out processes.

When utilised correctly, a business can effectively improve their productivity and employee engagement, with all members aware of the responsibilities of their role.


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The RACI Platform is an enabler for business and the tools hosted on the platform are a valuable resource for companies looking to improve business efficiency, employee engagement and an overall lift in profitability.

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